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From: Jennifer Smith <>
Subject: Re: [trivvies] memories... could become kissing
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 02:40:02 -0800
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I think I'm sorry I asked!!! :-)

Peter Armstrong wrote:

>>Now here's one someone in the medical profession should know . .
>>. . What's that funny little dippy-groove thingy on a person's top lip
>>called . . . .
>John Major Territory....
>Err no..., I think you are referring to the land that lies between the
>naso-labial grooves. In England these are now known as Edwina Curry
>Country. These are best called No Mand Land in men and No Womens Land in
>women! Except in a significant minority of the population where those
>names are reversed. In a much smaller minority, the signpost is changed
>without applying for planning permission, so you should just read what
>the sign says before you apply your naso-labial grooves to the opposing
>naso-labial grooves. Except if mistletoe and a glass of Christmas Punch
>is brought into the assessment then you can get away with just about
>I'll test drive this in the morning and report back..........
>Peter A. ;-)

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