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From: Peter Armstrong <>
Subject: Re: [trivvies] Trivington Hug Quotas
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 20:59:58 +0000
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Lizzie Love wrote:
> This afternoon I undertook a quantum journey according to Feynman's theory

How did you find out about this? Has Jack Sarfatti visited the village?
This is heretic talk and I must plane the witches ducking stool for a
smooth bottom-put-upon, we are humane in Trinngton, I believe, and can't
drown heretics with splintered botties!

Phillip Pullman's theorem, of course, allows for a multitude of
possibility. The possibility that did not happen in our universe
certainly happened in a not too distant universe from your local
off-licence [liquor store for those on other continents but similar[ish]
universes]. The Huggle Telescope has a very fractious refractor. NASA
made gallant attempts to fix it, much to the chagrin [ der. Fr.] of the
US tax-payer who would have preferred an alternative re-direction of the
revenue. It ended with a small group of Maori in a Space-Waka to Haka
weightlessly and with an appropriately positioned slither of Pounamou to
focus the beams on to Huggles mirror and provide blinding evidence of...
still analysing the data.

>>Edwin Huggle was a trivvicist and thinker


>>He also worked out that by analysing the colour of the light
you could tell whether a heavenly body was approaching or receding.

No this award has to be awarded to Doppler... A Trivington resident in
1823 as a young man of 20. Surprisingly he also for a short period
occupied the position of STATISTICIAN-IN-CHIEF... also by just 3% of the
popular vote.

>>The next thing Huggle discovered was that all the galaxies of Hope were
travelling away from each other,

Now I am getting irritated... Lizzie, Love, ... you can't use every
philosophical framework to argue your point. You just DON'T hop from one
philosophy to another to advance weak arguments. INDEED NO!!! Barely 4
hours ago you were arguing from a huggy, cuddly point of view and
decrying the scientific analytic view of village life. Fearful that
Statistics would prove your downfall you have adopted a quasi-scientific
procedure that just ISN'T E=MC2. Please leave this to the expert (who is
on gardening leave... but I'll stand in, humbly, to say what I know he
would want to say)

>>Huggle later identified other smaller hope units, pats, strokes, smiles, ...

Quantum-Emotion is an acceptable branch of Science...

And Lizzie, Love, you are clearly an authority so in these times of
vigorous discussion I send you a mega-smacker-of-a-kiss [not quite of
critical mass... but if yo get so much of a smile... POW!]


PS DOES PAT know she is part of the "smile-to-hug" hierarchy?... and is
she sub-critical in mass?

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