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From: "Geo." <>
Subject: Re: [trivvies] The Good Old Days
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 17:01:45 +0800
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True, Howie, a slip of the finger, it should have said 250W.

I just had a bit of a browse on the 'net for the brand I have (IXL Tastic).
There were a lot of hits for Oz. and a few for NZ but I didn't see any for
England although there was an Irish site for them at;
As they are available all over Ireland, I would imagine there are retail
outlets in England too.

My belief that they are 250W lamp globes was incorrect, I see that they are
actually 275W infra-red lamps so a total of 1100W for a four-lamp unit
although 375W lamps are also available if required. I saw also that there
are now ducting kits available for them so they can be installed in a low
ceiling space. They still need a minimum depth of 210mm (8.26") from the
ceiling surface though. I'm not sure there would be that much space between
the ceiling and the floor above in a Flat.


> ... but Geo, the heat output is directly linked to the wattage and I can't
> 150W doing much to heat a bathroom.

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