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From: "The Trivvie" <>
Subject: [trivvies] My world so far this week.
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 21:53:54 -0000
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Well I have been quite busy since Christmas infact only had a quick dip onto
the internet to clear emails and have been doing other things.

Let me see I have been to the cinema saw the latest Star Trek movie which
is good and I cant believe it may be the last one with Patrick Stewart in I
just love his voice!! Went to the Pub with hubby for a couple of drinks the
other day which made a nice change.

Our neighbour had a birthday party and we went round cant say I enjoyed that
though as he's 30 and the main aim was to get certain people as drunk as
possible which I cant stand !! I like people to enjoy a drink but not to
get so drunk they act like two year olds !!

Today I had the day of work and finally caught up on a batch of family
history which had been driving me crazy. I was waiting for some furniture to
be delivered shelving units and a desk for my computer !! It was suppossed
to arrive by 9am !! It turned up at 2.30pm its lucky I took the day off.
Oh and we are getting our double glazing done so the man came round to
measure up. All in all I had a busy day.

Oh watched Coronation Street for the first time in ages tonight what a
blinder two episodes and they were very good. I wont spoil it for fans who
havent seen but there was a murder tonight !!

Now I must go and watch my taped Eastenders .
See you all later.
Sharon xx

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