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Subject: Re: [trivvies] A profound thought
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 08:09:44 -0000
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Here's another one.

Bertha Anna LUMMA, married soldier Hans SCHMIDT in Germany during WW2. He
was killed before their daughter was born. Scottish soldier Andy REID fell
in love with Bertha, married her and brought her and the baby home, and
eventually they had a daughter of their own. The elder daughter eventually
became my Neil's first wife. They had two children. After the war the
Russians razed Bertha's home village and removed (one way or another!) the
remaining population. So my step-children have virtually no records on the
German side.


> Profound indeed . . . and all the more reason for familes to chart as
> much of their family as possible, and keep it up.
> I'm thinking of the walking (geneaological) disaster area that is my
> brother :o)
> First marriage to a Polish girl -- one son; second marriage to American
> girl -- no children; third marriage to a girl from Hong Kong -- one
> adoptive child (from China). His present wife has kept her maiden name,
> and their daughter has both Anglo and Chinese names! One would need a
> road map for that lot!! :o)) But as you say, cohabitation and no
> marriage records would be ten times worse.
> Jennifer
> J L Hall wrote:
> >Possibly this is profound rather than trivial but what are peoples'
thoughts on the impact of changing family structures - particularly
cohabitation rather than marriage and multiple marriages - on future family
history investigators. It is hard enough when you have a fixed family name
to follow back into the realms of time. Are we the last generation for whom
it will be viable to research our families. The older family history will
still be there but it will have to be accessed through the more recent. If
this is fragmented it seems to me that this will be considerably more
> >Sorry if this is a bit heavy but it cropped up when I was chatting to my
uncle - a seasoned family history man of 15 years standing.
> >
> >Les Hall
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