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From: "Howard Fuller" <>
Subject: Re: [trivvies] ...& Me and Mom's favorite
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 09:01:34 -0000
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Without any doubt I feel I am closest to our oldest two children out of the
six. From their earliest years right up to the present day - both are now in
their 50s - I have always been able to talk and empathise with them more
easily than with the others. I have no idea why. There are no obvious
barriers between myself and the younger ones. Just not close...


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> I think that most 'Moms/Mums/Mams' probably favour which ever child they
think needs them most at any particular time or, likewise, whichever one
pleases them most. Hopefully (and in an ideal situation) this should be just a
transient stage that is passed backwards and forwards, never staying entirely
with any one child but shared amongst all of them at sometime.
> Do we become better parents as our families increase? First children are
usually our test models!!! ...ones in the middle often feel left out!!...and
youngest ones usually get a little bit spoilt by being 'the baby'!!!!
> Anne

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