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From: "Mary Longman" <>
Subject: Re: [trivvies] Breakdown?
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 07:51:08 -0500
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this is so true - and is part of the trivvie magic!

I know I always find it a bit easier to face some things once I have written
them out like this. I used to do it for myself only - but now its even
better because when you send it to the list, you get lots of support, and
useful suggestions flying back to you!


It's good that you can tell us, Liz. Talking about problems does help. We
used to say at work that having to write a report cleared the mind no end.
was having to think about things, having to face up to them, let you see the
problems in a clearer light. Exorcising demons, perhaps?

Take care! - and talk to us if the demons threaten to come back...


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Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 12:16 PM
Subject: [trivvies] Breakdown?

> Sometimes you can get through the depression with a lot of support from
> family, but being angry is at least provoking a response.
> My problem is I have twice been depressed as a result of stress. Once
> before the change and once after - so can't even blame it on "that time of
> the month". It makes me very defensive and my tolerance becomes short.
> Just before Christmas I hit my worst ever patch, such that I told my boss
> and Peter that the only way I could see out was to leave work and I would
> and get signed off with stress for the whole of my notice period (2
> It was all work related anyway and I doubted my ability to work. I had
> ways to try and cope: I bent Peter's ear until he must have been fed up
> with hearing about work, I told a friend who continued to try to keep me
> going and although this will not mean much to some of you, but it does me,
> put my trust in prayers and Him up there. Only one other friend has known
> about this, after the event, and I valued her input too. I wasn't
> disappointed by anyone of them. Looking back to the beginning of December
> can see why it hit me like that and know that although I feel better now,
> would not take much to put me back there.
> But was I heading for a nervous breakdown? - I don't know, I suppose I
> will if I ever got that far. Some people have a lower pain threshhold
> others and it certainly seems that some people have a lower stress level
> than others. My eternal ponder - what is the difference between feeling
> stressed, having depression or having a nervous breakdown.
> Liz (UK)
> My dad`s two sisters both had a number of nervous breakdowns and had
> shock treatment.One sister we just called eccentric! Her g.daughter
> did end up in a mental institution and there she died at the age of
> about 40. I sometimes think I`m a bit suss. and Rebecca has had
> depression. My depression takes the form of being bl--dy angry!
> Val xx
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