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From: "D. Griffiths" <>
Subject: RE: [trivvies] Fw: Connection speeds
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 11:18:35 +1300
In-Reply-To: <001201c2c4a0$3fe6ffb0$28d0403e@Freedom>

I manage to get in at 46.6 Kbps...I have a 56 modem.


I have heard a few people complaining about the UK connection speeds....what
about the rest of you in the UK? My speeds vary from 34.3Kbps to 44.2Kbps
and I once got 45.2Kbps!!!!!! although normally it has been 40Kbps. With my
old puter I regularly got 45,333 so I thought it must be something to do
with my modem but the help line and bt both say no. They say it is
excessive traffic on the line cos when I first moved here my regular speed
was 36Kbps but they did something when I rang and complained. They were
supposed to have done something yesterday.....I think they turned it down
cos I cant hit 40K now but they say to leave it till after the weekend.
It's driving me mad....cos it doesnt matter who I connect with, the speed is
the same.


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