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From: "D. Griffiths" <>
Subject: RE: [trivvies] Sharon's emporium.
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 16:59:52 +1300
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Di ambles off down Trivington High Street...she has just read in the
Trivington news of a new shop opening and she is a sucker for a bargain.

As she walks she looks to her left then right wondering just where it
is.....there was directions in the paper and she put it on her list but as
usual the list is back home on the table....what good is it there you
ask....none at all.

Arrrrr...there it is....I am sure that is Nellie waving at me.

Di heads off to the undiwear dept....from her mail this arvo there are a few
coming over so she will need even more. I hope they do my sizes Di

A lovely lady approaches Di and asks her what she
requires.....knickers...says Di....I beg your pardon says the young lady??
Knickers...I want some new knickers says Di. Oh I understand now says the
young lady and takes Di to rack to the left. Di is gobsmacked...there are
all the sizes she requires and colours galore. Di makes her purchase
thinking....these lovely red...purple and green stripes will do for
Pat...she loves lots of colour and they are nice big high waisted
ones...should keep her warm when she ventures out into the garden in her 'at
socks and gloves!! LOL

Di then decides she needs a coffee.....she steps on to the lift and glides
up to the top floor. The doors of the lift open and there sitting at tables
are all her Trivvie friends. Mary and Johno wave and call Di over. Also
there is Sue the *boss* lady eating a sandwich and drinking coffee. Maggie
and Liz sit at another table talking to each other. John and Lizzie are
stood in the queue with soup and toast on their tray awaiting their drinks.
Val and Anne are walking to the table by the window...oh just look at their
cream cakes..yum must try one of those. Oh and her comes Mother Hen
checking everyone has what they want...oh she just took that chocolate bar
off Big Dave's tray...naughty Dave...he knows he is not supposed to eat

Well what a lovely day shopping this has turned out to a beautiful
new shop...beautiful decor...oh I see it was done by Bec's and

In happy mood Di trundles home with her purchases...she did not go to the
classical music dept...she is waiting for the rock'n'roll and country
section to open...oh well that will be a good excuse to go back...and she
will have to....she has just found her list on the table and she has
forgotten to get some new line dance shoes....oh well that can be tomorrow!!

The End!! :-))

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