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From: "PJK :o))" <>
Subject: Re: [trivvies] Sharon's emporium.
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 06:37:30 -0000
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H'excoose I, modom. How can I avail myself towards you ? Hi beg your pardon
?? Knickers ?? Certainly. If modom would care to step this way I can show
her a variety of such undergarments.

Might I be permitted to h'enquire whar modom comes from ? I hear a bit of a
twangy accent. No modom - not twangy knicker elastic - but a sort of
Midlands/Antipodean twang . . . . . ah. Sniff. You're originally from
(Jasper) Carrott country. I see . . . . . Well, I suppose someone has to . .

If you'd care to peruse our *accoo-tree-monts* & bring your selection of
purchases to the counter when you've finished modom. Thank you.

Yes - there is a small - but select - tea room on the top floor. You're

Thank you modom -please call again. :o)) finking - I 'ope Shazza dunt want me to talk posh like to all
the people wot come in 'ere fer knickers. Me froat won't take it.

> The staff here are friendly and helpful come along and see us.

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