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From: "D. Griffiths" <>
Subject: RE: [trivvies] Sharon's emporium.
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 11:10:54 +1300
In-Reply-To: <000701c2cbbd$f31089c0$0100000a@vaisey>

Good one Liz. :-)

Di...hoping Liz likes the knickers we chose for her. lol

The District Nurse rides to a slow halt outside the Cavill Arms. Unusually
the door is closed; the owner has gone on leave, content that a new meeting
place would fulfil Trivington's need. Liz carefully hoists are ample
derriere off the saddle and reaches forward with her right hand for the
newpaper in her bike basket. With her left she quickly clutches her
clothing at her hips ...... ooops the bike falls against her legs, newspaper
goes flying, Liz tumbles to the floor and the bicycle wraps itself round her

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