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From: "PJK :o))" <>
Subject: Re: [trivvies] Sharon's emporium. Staff notice
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 07:58:32 -0000
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Coo !! H'ive bin promoted already !! Hi say !!! Must have something to do
with my fab'n'groovy fashion sense !!!

Hi must say though, Modom Shaa-ron, I DO like your range of *Not So's* for
the more cuddly lady.

*Not So's* ?? You've never heard of *Not So's* ??? Well, you see, it's
like this:

People call their undie wear - *smalls*. And mine - well, they're NOT SO
small, therefore, I call them *Not So's* !! See ? Easy when you know,
h'isn't it ?

Now, please h'excuse I - I can see a young gentleman over there looking for
the tea rooms. He looks like the type of gent who'd love a hot toasted tea
cake with butter oozing out the side. Oh - & he has a young lady with him.

Yes Sire - we DO have tea cakes. Please, follow me. Yes, Sire, we do all
types of tea - Earl Grey, Darjeeling, SuperValue, Tesco own brand, Earl of
Cardigan - for those who'd prefer something with a bit of fibre . . . . . . :o))
Your county needs YOU !!!

> Notice to all staff,
> please note we are a FRIENDLY establishment , smile at the customers.
> Address them by name if it is known, other wise Modom and Sire will
> At all times be courteous and professional. Dont chew gum on duty.
> dust everyday. and remember good old fashioned service.
> Undie Pat will be taking new responsibilitys as deputy manager of the
> Emporioum. Please follow her orders. Any complaints will be dealt with
> me.
> Sharon

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