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From: "Becky Higginbottom" <>
Subject: [trivvies] Grands!! and Grammas
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 07:39:43 -0800
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Anne.. a nice fresh bucket of cement is good to have on hand <G>
becs <VBG>

> Isn't that supposed to be the good thing about being a
grandparent??? can
> be with or around one's grandchildren for as long or as little as one
> desires..<bg>
> You can spoil them rotten and then hand them back again or be stern with
> and not necessarily suffer the consequences if they decide to sulk as a
> Grandparenthood gives one a second chance to watch a young person forming
> developing without quite so much of the worries and responsibilities..
> :-)))
> Anne

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