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From: "Becs" <>
Subject: [trivvies] Charms......Sealing Wax
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 07:46:41 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
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Charm Bracelets..... Last weekend while at my folks house in Tucson, I
bought my Granddaughter, Alexis a charm bracelet along with her first charm.
a musical note, because she had her first piano recital. (Charm Bracelets
seem to be catching on again) She bought a cute little kitty on a glass ball
.. Mom told Lex that she still had her charm bracelet...from about 1945. Of
course Lexie wanted to see it... WOW! It is very nice. Tarnished, but silver
... There are lots of little momentos that mom remembers getting.. little
solider that my dad gave her. (because he was one) Three blind mice, minus 2
(lost) Micky Mouse holding a boquet of flowers, a bomb (odd thing?), a WWII
type plane, a little book that opens to hold two photos, roller skate that
moves, a rickshaw, that moves and many more.... Does any one know more about
charm bracelets and charms?
Val, I'd like to hear about your charm bracelet...

I also have a small seal on my charm bracelet, it says "Forget-me-not"
Val xx

> Sealing Wax was used on ----
> 1. Envelopes to seal them closed - and to allow the application of a
Seal -
> ie a sort of signature showing the sender of the letter .....

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