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From: "Mary Longman" <>
Subject: [trivvies] A garden
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 11:11:01 -0400

Well, I have managed to get myself a garden plot again this year! After spending the past 4 months sitting around watching Alan Titchmarsh and co. on Ground Force my fingers have been itching to get in the ground. We have a community garden project in London, where the city prepares and composts plots which are then rented out to people who want them. This year I have one just 16'x19' not too far from home. The program started out as a way to help people without resources to eat better, and to help themselves, and has grown as more and more of us apartment dwellers beg for space. The cost is $40 for the year (though for an unemployed bum like me its only $10 - I'm one of the poor these days!).

So now I can spend some time getting it laid out as soon as this rain stops, and then next week will start planting. I hope I can stop the local bunnies from eating it all though. I tried one of these 2 years ago, and the only things the bunnies did not eat were potatoes, tomatoes and peppers! All the lettuce and other greens would disappear as soon as they came up! This year I'll stick with my balcony 'garden' for the lettuces!

wishing for sunshine

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