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From: Linda Murtaugh <>
Subject: Re: [trivvies] Bedding
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 13:15:24 -0600
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I have never given up my feather pillows :-)) but I do agree that they
aggrevate sinus problems. I have a couple of old ones that I sleep with - have
hypoallergenic covers for them. But I do wash mine on occasion (about once or
twice a year) - takes a lot of drying (I used to wash my down sleeping bags
too). Also, I find that it helps to frequently toss the pillows into the dryer
for airing and fluffing.

Never tried freezing the pillows. Interesting - I'll be trying that.

I sleep with a down comforter in winter but usually change it out in the summer
to a light quilt. Mostly sleep with just a top sheet when the heat gets really
bad (since I don't have air conditioning) - its a "security" thing I guess


Sue wrote:

> Pillows .......... We both stopped using feather ones years ago ..... I
> found - quite by magic - that my sinus problems cleared up almost overnight
> ........ The manmade ones are much more hygienic and the ones we buy -
> although rather pricey - can be machine washed several times .....
> Bed mites like mattresses & pillows --------- if your's is a feather one and
> as such can't be washed --- put it in the freezer every so often to kill the
> mites ........
> We have a mattress pad over our mattress that can be washed &/or replaced ..
> .
> And we both wear bed-clothes .......
> So there you have it ---------- I've aired my bed secrets with you ........
> ô¿ô
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