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From: "Becs" <>
Subject: [trivvies] Kapok Pillows was Making the bed...
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 21:18:21 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
References: <009b01c32d60$49411c20$2302a8c0@EDNA>

We lived in Santa Barbara California... The lady behind us has planted a
Kapok Tree here in San Diego... I don't know if she knows the mess they make
. they are a very interesting tree. Full of long thorns on the trunk. Fst
Ed had to cut them all off in our yard in Santa Barbara, because we were
afraid one of the grans would fall into it and cause some hurt... Actually
Fst Ed said he could tie them to the tree if they were naughty..I smacked
him <G>

Where did you live then, Becs?
Teddie Mae..........remembering Kapok somewhere in the back of my memory

We use to live on a street lined with Kapok Trees.
If the pods weren't picked....once a year...
it would look as if everyone on the street emptyed
their mattress out on the lawn.... it was a MESS!
Beautiful Tree thought...lovely orchid like huge flowers...

The pillows we use are filled with a synthetic material like Kapok. It is
very light and soft and non-allergenic.

Now here is another for you ..... pillows.

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