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From: "Diane Kirby" <>
Subject: RE: [TRIVVIES] Shaun update
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 11:47:44 +1300
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Pat...what wonderful news.....I am soooo pleased fir Shaun...and you of
course. Roll on April 8th!!!!!

"Who Is Proud To Be A Brummie"

Here we are, back from Basildon - & with GOOD news !!!

Longish story - are you sitting comfortably ??? Then I'll begin !!

Shaun is finally going to get his pump on 8 April !! We had a bit of a
battle with the doctor though - Shaun was in a lot of pain & was quite
narky with him when he asked what we thought were stupid questions. Well,
anyone would be narky after a 2½ hour journey & then an 1½ hour wait in the
hospital !!

The first thing the doctor said was * Why have you come to see me ? Is it
about pain in your knee * Huh ??? So Shaun said - *You should know -
haven't you got my notes ???* And it went down hill from there. We told him
we didn't know exactly why we were there, just that we'd been told he would
be fitting the pump & it was to be done in Basildon.

Before committing himself to doing the pump, he seemed to want to try other
things - relaxation, different tablets, psychology etc., but Shaun stood
firm & told him in no uncertain terms that he wanted a pump - we'd been told
by his previous consultant that there was nothing else left to do & here he
was, wanting to move the goal posts again. The doctor then said about Shaun
losing weight, so once again, he got really cross. We told him that a doctor
in Harley Street told Shaun that he wasn't to do any exercise cos he could
sever his spinal cord, that he'd changed jobs 6 times in 10 years. He has
colitis so can't eat things like cream, dairy products etc., so he didn't
eat high calorie or high fat things anyway. What else was he supposed to do

The doctor had another go about Shaun being cross & said *we don't give
these pumps to angry people*, to which Shaun replied - *You'd be bloody
angry if you'd had 10 years of being told this will work, that will work &
then having to drive 2½ hours, made to wait in uncomfortable surroundings
for another hour & ½ and then having another 2½ hour drive home !!* Gulp.
He's normally so placid & laid back, but he was in so much pain he nearly
walked out. The doctor wasn't amused, but he seemed to think that Shaun
should be grateful that he was willing to even see him !! That attitude
annoys me - Shaun didn't ask to be in the situation he's in & I think the
doctor should have been more understanding of the pain he was in after
getting there.

Anyway - the doctor wanted to do ANOTHER trial, but Shaun said no - he'd
already had a trial, it had worked, he'd been promised a pump & he wanted a
pump. And the doctor finally agreed. He even told us that the funding was in
place. But, if that's the case, why did he try to get Shaun to agree to
another course of treatment ??? Ridiculous.

I feel very relieved but also apprehensive. I also don't feel good about the
*words* we had with the doctor, but I think he had to know just how bad
Shaun was feeling.

We decided to come home tonight, rather than stay overnight - the weather
was good, so the journey wasn't too bad & I think Shaun'll sleep better at

So - at long last, it looks like there finally IS a light at the end of the
tunnel. We've now got to wait for a confirmation letter from the hospital,
but fingers crossed everything is now on the up. :o))
in Kent, UK
Your county needs YOU !!!

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