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From: linda murtaugh <>
Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] Re: [oldphartzfun] wash day blues.
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 12:20:25 -0800
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Interesting. I can remember my mother using a washboard when I was
very young - but I don't recall anything about the water or the
preparation thereof - we had running water in all our homes - only
cold, at least in the summer. My maternal grandfathers house had only
cold. Hummmm....wonder how she washed...I know it was all strung on a
line in the back yard. Now my maternal grandmother had a washing
machine - not like today's - it had to be filled manually with boiled
water I think - but it had a mangle :-)


On Mar 19, 2004, at 1:49 AM, Geo. wrote:

> Yep. I remember those days well, mate. The 'copper' was just that. a
> very large copper bowl - with a removable lid - set into a brick
> surround with a fireplace below. If you were lucky there would be a
> cold-water tap above it. If you weren't (we weren't) you had to fill
> the thing with buckets of water from a tap elsewhere (and empty it
> with buckets too). First thing Monday morning the copper had to be
> filled and the fire lit under it. First the 'whites', sheets and
> linen, etc. were boiled in it, with soap flakes if you could afford
> them, whilst being occasionally treated to a good pounding with a
> wooden 'postle' (well, that's what we called it. I think this was a
> corruption of pestle which is basically what the copper and postle was
> - a very large mortar and pestle). After the whites were removed,
> rinsed, and hung out to dry the heavier soiled stuff went in receiving
> some supplementary treatment on the corrugated washboard to remove
> stubborn stains. Washing machines? That wa!
> s Mum and the postle and the washboard. <g> Them wuz the days. Thank
> goodness that aspect of them is behind us.
> Geo.
> A further story re . the wash day recall my description
> of
> the size of the kitchen ,well we had what we called the copper ,I
> don't know how to describe the bl--- thing but any way ,Monday and at
> the
> time Father was on short work so he would fill the copper and get
> the fire going underneath to heat the water, mind this was early in
> the
> morning,
> <snip>
> O HAPPY DAYS.................cheers
> The Old Boy - Johno
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