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From: Marlene <>
Subject: Re: Favourites or Least Favourites
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 08:40:56 -0400
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What's your favourite colour Johno ....not Army Khaki is it ??
Sorry I just couldn't resist that one, just joking :-))))

> What are your favourite or least favourite of the following:
> 2. Colour - a favourite or one you can't stand the sight of

Air force Blue ........ The Old Boy - Johno
Here's Mine ~~~ Marlene
1. Music - a particular song you like or dislike ........
Love- Hawaiian ... Hate- Heavy Metal and Operas but am happy
with most music from Classical to Rock and Roll
2. Colour - a favourite or one you can't stand the sight of .......
None that I really hate ... but love most colours, Pink with Grey,
Purple, Mauve, Turquoise ~ both the blue and green tones, are among
the top and really like the colours in vibrant hues
3. Food - can be anything you like or hate with a passion .......
Hate - Asparagus, Aubergines, Love - Tomatoes, Strawberries and
Tangerines and mostly content with other fruit and food

4. Movie or Television Show - one you like to watch over and over
again or one you just switch off from..............
Will Switch off most Films ... would Watch POLLYANNA and Chitty
Chitty Bang Bang ...Will Watch most Brit Coms, Detective and the
new Forensic Detective Series and loved QUINCEY also NATURE Progs.
but haven't got a good TV or Cable so am very limited.

5. Sport - whether you do any at all or just watch or can't stand ....
Not a sports person really, never used to miss Ice Skating, will
sometimes watch Sunday Cricket when in UK.

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