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Subject: RE: [TRIVVIES] August Already ~ time for a Trivvington Get Together
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 11:31:20 +1200
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Di pleased to see the Trivvies back. As for what she has
been doing....not a lot as it is winter time down under. Not been to bad a
winter for us though and now it is August and the first day of spring.....oh
how lovely that sounds and the day has dawned bright and sunny. Isn't it
funny how the sun alters your outlook on life. I am hoping the sun will take
away these aches and pains of the winter and then I will not have to visit
the dr so much. :-)

Oh well time to go and join Johno and the rest of the Trivvies under the Old
Oak Tree!!


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From: Marlene [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, 2 August 2004 2:44 a.m.
Subject: [TRIVVIES] August Already ~ time for a Trivvington Get Together

Out by her door ... Marlene looks over towards the eastern horizon
just in time to see the first peeping glint of that golden orb
reaching up to touch the narrow strand of yellow tinted sky which
stretches up and blends into orange then into red that then hides
behind some low dark clouds ..that don't look as though they are
staying around for long and closer and overhead the sky is a
cloudless pale blue .... the sun as it rises throws it's reflection
along the ripples of gentle waves soon that too will fade as the sun
rises higher ..... and will wake up the folk of Trivvington .....
if the birds in their full voice haven't already .. Yes it is going
to be a gorgeous day. Marlene heaves a deep sigh as she turns round
and looks over the village, everybody seems so busy these days there
seems to be no time to stop and talk. Johno looks so alone as he sits
there under the Old Oak tree waiting for folk to join him, we put lots
of seats and tables there so there'd be room for many Trivvietonians
to gather, even Marlene the landlady has found it hard to spend the
time of day with him; the Nurse is ultra busy really rushed off her
feet ... far too busy to even pass on any snippets of the people in
the village she has to go to and knows we like to hear if they are
keeping well especially the old and the youngsters.
The year is passing so fast 'tis August already...I know .... I have
lots of food that I can get ready quickly so we will have a quick
together party drinks will be jugs of Punches and jugs of non alcoholic
cool drinks so that the bar can remain closed so it can be a nice
relaxing day for all
add .... So come and join in down at the Old Oak and bring some of your
news, holidays .... just some of the things you have been doing ...
Marlene closes her door and hurries off to the village towards the
pub to prepare for a get together ... Looking to see who she can tell
to pass on the message, won't take the news long to circulate ......
SO come on whatcha all been a...doing whilst not on GenTriv ?????

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