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From: Marlene <>
Subject: Update On Tests
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 00:13:35 -0500
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Thanks DiDi .. I was pretty bad when I went off list .... but have got
got worse, the heavy cold after 3days turned really nasty, into bad
congestion the coughing really hurts and is exhausting.
UPDATE on TESTS I had to go to Brampton yesterday which happened to be
a bitterly cold day and a worse evening/night, but wasn't going to give
up my appt, cos winter is only going to ger worse from here on and these
tests have taken too long, the results that are in seemed to please my
Specialist, and the test last night was a good result. Not sure how it
works it was a BP Blood Test which tests the risk of Heart Failure, the
lowest block is 100 and goes up in hundreds the higher the more risk not
sure how many but quite a few blocks, it works mine was 108, which meant
I didn't need to have my medication changed. The legs seemed to have
improved from the last 2 years, that surprised me as they often feel bad.
The neck area [1st time it has been tested] is very slightly affected but
has a good flow. Stress Test was a disappointment, to her as well as to me.
The heart still has blockages but is holding it's own, guess I am lucky
that it is a strong un. Have worried myself a lot with all the strain of
the last week I have put on it. So at least one New Year resolution will
be to get into better shape for 2005 and really work on it.
Have been with Dr Sadak for almost 12 years now, it's worth the long trip
to stay her patient, wish I had the same faith in my Oakville family doc.

> Welcome back are you feeling now??
> DiDi

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