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From: "Lizzie Love" <>
Subject: Not just dreaming ...
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2004 11:46:27 -0000
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... of a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! ... Here in the Derbyshire hills we we have one!
I woke to a white world this morning. The sun is shining. There is no wind
so every twig, leaf and blade of grass is picked out in soft white

I intended to spend Christmas Day quietly recovering from my pre-christmas
events and preparing for the post-christmas ones, but the plan has changed.
I asked my friend Caroline to bring her boys down for a meal some-time over
the holidays and she said *Yes please* and in fact could she come down on
her own for Christmas Day too, as the boys would be in Buxton with their Dad
(Dave) and his new lady, so it looked like a quiet girls' day for us. I have
a smallish turkey-lump and plenty of other stuff, however ...

Dave was diagnosed with lung cancer last April (never smoked in his life)
and was doing pretty well after a summer of chemo until the last few weeks.
Eight of us had dinner out for Caroline's 50th birthday ten days ago and I
was glad to see Dave, with his hair and whiskers growing back (he let me
have a nuzzle, coz I miss that), but he said he was having headaches and was
on steroids to reduce swelling in his brain. He was very vague and trying
hard to follow conversations, but his short-term memory was woeful, and my
heart bled for him.

Four days later Dave had a fit and was rushed to hospital, stabilised,
improving and all set to come home for Christmas Day, but yesterday they
said he was too weak, and needed to be near expert help over the holiday.
Robin and Bren are devastated. They and their Mum need a lot of TLC and they
have opted to join her here ... so it's a full table (must get a bigger
one!) We're pooling our turkey-lumps, Caroline's bringing a pudding and I
always have enough veg for a siege so we'll be OK there. I shan't see them
until late afternoon, as they're going to see Dave, and then his Mum and
Dad, so I'll spend the day pottering about with time to fiddle with my
smoked salmon and asparagus to make a starter, and add some fancy touches.
They are bringing their presents down here to open, and I've kept a couple
of mine for later too.

Just opened my present from my daughter Louise ... Wow ... Carly Simon! She
was straight into the Hi-fi and is warbling away merrily ... and a beautiful
note-book with a fancy cover.

Off now to take pressies to neighbours and then back to sort out the
turkey-lumps and maybe have a little something in my coffee.

... a BIG Huuuuuuuuuug! to all of you and a few spares for anyone you
know who needs them.

Happy Christmas ... Lizzie xxxxxxxx

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