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From: "Miriam B" <>
Subject: Channel Isles snow
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 15:51:41 -0000
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The Channel Isles ground to an almost complete standstill yesterday, Monday, due
to snow. All the schools closed, St Anne's here on Alderney sent all the
youngsters back home. The bus couldn't run. Airports were closed for parts of
the day. Jersey said that they haven't had snow clearing vehicles for the last
10 years.
Irene had been in Guernsey for the weekend so she had another one of her
'Airport days' There were to have been 2 of them on the 10:00 flight but one was
to have been a day-trip so he gave up and went home. By midday other flights
were going off and Irene had to wait until the 15:30 which did get away more or
less on time.
I decided that no-one in their right mind would want to do much shopping so I
stayed indoors until it was time to pick I up from the airport.
Islanders have never known it be so cold for so many days!! I hope the heating
oil supply can keep up!!

warm hugs gratefully received!!!


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