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From: "John" <>
Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] Re: Trivvies being there
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 08:24:57 -0000
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(((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) for you, Lizzie

John xxx

>> I agree with what you say Sue, and from Lizzie and Val's stories as well
>> as for me ..... we have moved on but ...
> and the *but* can be devastating when it hits. I come out of the house
> smiling, but there are times when I wander round indoors wailing *I love
> you* for hours on end because I can't put my mind to anything else. I'm
> glad
> to get to bed exhausted, where I usually sleep OK.
> Other days I'm full of life and a passion for living and being active. The
> odd tear when something good happens and I wish Neil were here to see it,
> but I'm joyful just the same because he's given me this freedom. Other
> times
> I feel very peaceful and secure for the first time in my life ... and he's
> given me that as well.
> The worst times are when my heart goes dead and all the joy is sucked out
> of
> everything. I can't mourn or raise a tear for him or raise any feeling for
> anything at all ... music, food, anything. Those are the most dangerous
> times. I could give up just because I'm world-weary. I've always lived
> life
> with a passion. I need that feeling like a drug, and just have to wait for
> it to return, which it usually does in a day or two.
> Lizzie
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