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From: "Liz Graydon" <>
Subject: Mum
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 19:48:22 -0000

Another visit to Bexhill today to help where we can and as needed and it was
great to hear during the week that Mum had taken her first steps outside on
Thursday - she only went about 20 yards but it was a start.  Yesterday she
doubled it and even crossed over the road with me - sounds so simple doesn't
it?  It was a very, very slow journey as she carefully put one foot in front
of the other, using two sticks.  She is very, very nervous and lacks
confidence - so frightened of falling again that she is putting obstacles in
her own way.  It was really a case of walking very slowly with her and
trying to build that confidence; she hears people behind her and she stops
and tenses, frightened in case they push past.
We reached the top of the road where there is an island/refuge in the middle
of the road - now the carrot is on the far side of the road (more of that
later) but to get there she has to walk over those nobbly paving stones to
stop people slipping and for the blind to know that it is a place to cross. 
"They hurt my feet; the soles on my shoes are too thin", "If I put my stick
on one of thos nobbles I will go over".  We talked about walking round the
paving stones on the tarmac but then it is a funny slope to the kerb; can't
step down off a normal height kerb yet - then at the refuge there is more
nobbles, so walk round the refuge but keep within the painted ladded each
side.  Using all the pyschology I could muster we got to the middle of the
road where we stood for several minutes for her to pluck up courage to cross
the second half - yesssssss, we had made it.  Mum, why don't you just perch
on this wall (just the right height for perching one's backside) and rest
awhile.  See you can do it, and now you have done it with me you will be
able to do it with Dad tomorrow won't you.  Just take your time, make sure
your sticks are down firmly.
A lady came out of the building behind us - she actually is a resident at
the hotel Mum and Dad are staying in - lovely to see you, are you going in
to see the flowers, they are lovely - no I cannot get up the steps through
the front door, but if the side door is open tomorrow (a slope and not
steps) ........
The carrot is their church and she wants to go to the Easter service.

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