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From: Sharon Terpe <>
Subject: hats
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 15:13:43 -0700 (PDT)

Hello Darling Trivvies:

I guess, like much of the world, I watched Camilla's
wedding. It wasn't until today I saw the white dress
she wore for the civil ceremony. It was lovely. Boy
does she have skinny legs. And a flat stomache.
Truly, I wouldn't want a friend like that.

I don't really understand the British and their hats.
Is it only the aristocracy who wear them? And is it
only for events, like Royal weddings, christenings,
deaths and Ascot? Are hats removed only after one
returns home?

When the Church demanded it, I wore hats to mass. And
they were giddy and young...and I hated them. Hats
are for keeping your head warm if you're out in a
blizzard. Maybe. They make me feel confined and as
though I could no longer see or hear. Not to mention
they give you hat hair.

Do you have the Red Hat Society in England? When I
decided I couldn't go back to work when my sister
died, my coworkers gave me a retirement dinner..with a
huge purple hat trimmed in red. And made me wear it.
Oy. But that's me.

So please explain. And what was that thing in her
hair during the blessing? And what a gorgeous chapel.
Is it required that something be worn by a bride
during a royal wedding - even when there are previous
marriages..and the bride and groom are no longer

When in England, I did see the shops that rent those
hats for???? I assume it's only commoners who rent.

Please explain your tradition and protocols.

Hugs, love Sharla.....

I guess it's five years since I had a hat on. I saw a
group of Red Hat women at a "stately home" at
Christmas time...each unique to itself. One woman was
muttering because she hated having the thing on her
head. And indoors at that.

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