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From: Glennis <>
Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] hats
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 15:53:24 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Sharla,

As far as hats are concerned, in the sixties we wore
hats in England, however I left England in 1966 (with
my hat) so not sure if the fashion continued. My
mother had some lovely hats which I used to wear when
I 'dressed up' as a child. Sun hats are worn in
Hawaii and cowboy hats in Arizona. But at weddings
those fancy hats are still worn.


--- Sharon Terpe <> wrote:
> Hello Darling Trivvies:
> I guess, like much of the world, I watched Camilla's
> wedding. It wasn't until today I saw the white
> dress
> she wore for the civil ceremony. It was lovely.
> Boy
> does she have skinny legs. And a flat stomache.
> Truly, I wouldn't want a friend like that.
> I don't really understand the British and their
> hats.
> Is it only the aristocracy who wear them? And is it
> only for events, like Royal weddings, christenings,
> deaths and Ascot? Are hats removed only after one
> returns home?
> When the Church demanded it, I wore hats to mass.
> And
> they were giddy and young...and I hated them. Hats
> are for keeping your head warm if you're out in a
> blizzard. Maybe. They make me feel confined and as
> though I could no longer see or hear. Not to
> mention
> they give you hat hair.
> Do you have the Red Hat Society in England? When I
> decided I couldn't go back to work when my sister
> died, my coworkers gave me a retirement dinner..with
> a
> huge purple hat trimmed in red. And made me wear
> it.
> Oy. But that's me.
> So please explain. And what was that thing in her
> hair during the blessing? And what a gorgeous
> chapel.
> Is it required that something be worn by a bride
> during a royal wedding - even when there are
> previous
> marriages..and the bride and groom are no longer
> young?
> When in England, I did see the shops that rent those
> hats for???? I assume it's only commoners who rent.
> Please explain your tradition and protocols.
> Hugs, love Sharla.....
> I guess it's five years since I had a hat on. I saw
> a
> group of Red Hat women at a "stately home" at
> Christmas time...each unique to itself. One woman
> was
> muttering because she hated having the thing on her
> head. And indoors at that.
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