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Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] : hats & Fashion @ The Wedding
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 19:17:31 -0700
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It's so nice to see people all dressed up. I thought Camilla looked quite
regal. Too bad that her fashion advisor forgot about the British weather
when they suggested the gold hat. It was so pretty, but looked like it was
ready for lift-off. Young Princess Beatrice seemed to find it quite
amusing. Boy is she a mix of her mother and father and going to be quite
the looker. She may have to look to Fergie's weight watcher plan if she &
her sister aren't careful.

I hope all the fuss dies down now & that everyone carries on amicably.
Everyone deserves some happiness in their later years.

Next: on with Prince Ranier's funeral on Friday. Is there no end in sight?

Oh , the hats @ the wedding were great , Oh the fashion .

I thought the wedding was great , Camilla looked just lovely , her choice of

clothes were beautiful

they looked very happy & I do so hope they will be , after all they have
been through .

They deserve some happiness .


> It seems hats are now worn for weddings and Ascot......I love hats....wish
> they would come in again.
> Camilla I have to admit did have two nice outfits for her wedding...but I
> still cannot stand either of them and I think they deserve each other and
> I
> do not wish them fact I just wish they would ride off into
> the sunset and not return....they can stay in Scotland for ever!!
> God Bless Di
> DiDi
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> Didn't her outfits look good ... lots of ordinary people wore hats
> whenever they went out when I ws younger and I had some hats in
> the fifties and .... had two nice ones that I chose for my
> Uncle Dave's wedding a nice little one that fitted neatly over
> the head and a bigger one, wasn't sure which one I wanted to wear
> with the rest of my outfit also had a lovely heart shape brim one,
> was upset over that loss ... it got left behind in Germany at
> Moenchen-Gladbach when we left our army quarter .... we were had
> a big worry, whilst we were doing that no2 son decided to go
> missing and we had to get the 4pm Army boat train .
> Now it seems these days not many seem to wear hats - there's only
> a few you see with hats at our church or here in our residence.
> Actually the Duchess Of Cornwall trimmed herself up nicely ... I
> think people ought to give her a chance to prove herself, she has
> taken far more hassle from the media and a lot of folk and taken
> it all and said nothing than most folk would tolerate.
> Oh for the church service ..... her head piece was a Feathered
> head-dress covered on Gold Leaf and tipped with crystals ... her
> favourite colours are blue and gold. It was my 53rd W. Anniv.
> yesterday as well and I was fine until the blessing of the rings
> because for our 50th WA we was going to have a church blessing
> and then when he was ill we decided to have it in Oct. '99 for
> the 50th anniv. of the day we met making it a double party with
> Maria's 18th birthday but it wasn't to be .... still have some
> more days to get through this month
> L & H
> Marlene
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