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Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 09:22:14 +1200
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I used gallons of that lacquer......I had a beehive to be envious of. Had
to use Borax when I washed my hair to get the stuff out.



Your wedding sounds really beautiful Jenny ....

The first time I made covered buttons I adored them - I thought them very
sophisticated - much better than most of the other plasticy things that were
around ... Oh, I can remember that spray - lacquer they called it - came in
a refillable (very sticky) puffer bottle --- stunk to high heaven - & about
choked you when they put it on your hair ... Oh I hated the stuff ...


I got married on 5th June 1971. The previous year my husband's cousin had
got married on the 6th June and it was a blazingly hot day.
Not in 1971. It was really cold, so our next door neighbour brought in a
vest with short sleeves for me to wear under my wedding dress, she said it
could be the "something borrowed".
My Mum had made my dress and finished it the day before after much angst and
rows, I think it had turned out to be harder than she had thought, then she
couldn't get the buttons she had wanted for the sleeves and had to cover
I had a ivory brocade dress, round neck, full length with a tiny train. Long
sleeves that were pointed at the end with these damn buttons, three on each.
Very plain, and straight. I had a veil with little flowers around the edge,
and carried a white prayer book my brothers gave to me with a little ribbon
hanging down from it with yellow rosebuds on.
I had five bridesmaids, as we started out with one, and the list just grew
as it does sometimes with families, when younger members want to dress up.
Had my hair cut to a bob from shoulder length to make me feel grown up, and
then it was plastered so much in hair spray by the hairdresser it took days
to comb out, it was set like concrete!
I was 19 and David was 24. Still together, he hasn't put on much weight, his
hair is thinning, but I have doubled in size.

Jenny K.

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