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From: "Diane Kirby" <>
Subject: RE: [TRIVVIES] Newspaper snippets
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 11:22:26 +1200
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I used to have those on my shoes dad had a cobblers shoe
thingy and he used that when putting them on or also
bought rubber soles for our new shoes and dad would put them on to.



Is that were the word "Sparky" came from .. LOLOL .............

Seriously - didn't the Lancashire clogs have metal bits on their soles
.. ?

I know my shoes all hat "Segs" on - bits of metal my father tacked onto
the toes & heels of my shoes ... I still have a 'card' of them somewhere
.... They were lovely & "noisy" and you could "slide" down the pavement
& in the playground ...


>From the Carlisle Patriot Sept 20, 1844 misc. short news items. posted
permission of the transcriber, Laura J.


Boots and shoes are advertised in Cincinnati, with iron soles, which can
be put on and taken off at pleasure. They are very light, and at the
same time beautiful and durable.

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