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From: "Diane Kirby" <>
Subject: RE: [TRIVVIES] Neck & Ear Ache
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 13:48:53 +1200
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Oh Sue will your house never be finished...poor you and Andy I feel for
you I really do

Now as to the ear and neck could be your sinuses or maybe a
trip to a chiropractor would help......I find them really good



Does anyone want a Neck & Ear Ache .. ? .... Going FREE .......

It's giving me real jip ... Right from the middle of my neck - tons of
dizziness ... The ear feels as if it's full of cotton wool - & it won't
"pop ... It feels as if I've "cricked" my neck - with the stiffness of
a cricked neck --- and the pain which catches - like 'stitch' ... I
reckon it's being caused by the rotten plaster ...

Talking of rotten plaster - the assessor came yesterday ... We're to
almost" a new kitchen ... The door-fronts - as far as we know - are all
- but the carcasses on 2 floor & 2 drawer set - plus 3 wall cupboards -
& the walls behind - are water damaged - so they will be replaced ...
The condition of the worktop will only be revealed once the bases are
moved ... We shall have a new microwave & the oven is to be checked -
but they'll pay for a new one should it prove necessary - the hob
appears okay ... The kitchen ceiling has to be taken down & the joists
inspected - & then all damaged bits replaced - as is the wall in the
lounge ... Damage in the bathroom is - as yet - unknown - and won't be
revealed until the bath is out of the way ... But - it will need doing

It don't sound much - do it .. ? ..... But - believe me - there will be
awful" lot of work for the "man we get in" ... AND we'll have to move
everything - wall cupboards in the lounge - a sideboard - computers -
CDs - books ..... Ooooooooooooo dear ..............

Did I say computer .. ? ....... Well - yep - that will have to be moved
upstairs --- well upstairs whilst the downstairs is done - & then moved
back downstairs for when the bathroom is done ....

But - we might not be here ... Our Peter has said we can go & live with
him if we need to ... LOLOL ....


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