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From: "PJK :o))" <>
Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] Well-dressing again
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 09:21:48 +0100
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Well-dressing already ??? That's come round quickly, Lizzie. I've got lots of hydrangea leaves if you need any more !! just pop in & get them !!!

Hope it all goes off OK & don't forget the piccies !!! :o))
A Maid of Kent, UK.
Your county needs YOU !!!
Looking for ancestors in Kent ? Try:

I am just on my way up the road for the last day of "petalling". Our theme
this year is "The Earth Beneath Our Feet" and the main picture is of two
guys building a stone wall. I shall have lots of fun with hydrangea petals
this morning. This afternoon I shall be baking and will have to find time
for the daily voice work-out, make sure I've enough clean clothes for 10
days, organize rehearsal times ... and somebody's just been (8:30 am!) to
say nobody's printed any tickets for the Music Night!!! Aaaagh!! I'd better
get it sorted.

... and I've not been co-ordinator since 2002. (Actually there isn't one)
I'm taking a deep breath and offering to do it again as of next year.


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