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Subject: Re: From The Whitehaven News, August 7, 1913 THE PEDLAR'S STORY.
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 12:39:27 +0800

The following is a message on the Genealogy-Cumberland list in response to the Pedlar's Story. I don't think this person is the 'Pedlar' though


This rings a sad bell.

Some of you may remember the Quaker Oats factory at Whitehaven. When it was sold one of the beneficiaries Was Thompson HOLIDAY-STRONG.

Although Thompson was Public School educated he was not "worldly wise" and within a comparatively short time he found he was without means.

He ended up living on the streets in Workington and more often than not spent his nights in the ruin of Curwen Hall. He never lost his public school accent and it was sad to hear him beg for money to buy "Drink".

He was seldom "arrested" by the Police for being Drunk and Disorderly although he was frequently "thrown" in to the back of the police Van and dropped off at his stately home.


The Whitehaven News, August 7, 1913



How did I come to this boys? I'll tell you the story now;

I've seen better days as you guess - and a chap's got to live somehow.

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