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From: "Trivvie" <>
Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] Pressing flowers
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:59:36 +0100 (GMT Standard Time)
References: <44BE2FAF.000001.03336@OEM3>

MIL found a sort-of dry-powder that you could use ...

Apparently - you put the flower in a container large enough for it to lie
down - then poured this 'stuff' onto the flower - and it did it's magic ...
I guess this stuff is silica-gel - the sort you get in little packets - used
to absorb moisture ...

Since I wrote the above - I've found this ...

It gives several methods - including the above --- plus - another method I
ve used - the microwave .. BUT - I must admit - I've only used it for petals
that I was later using for pot-pouri - so they didn't have to be accurate ..
Microwaving is exact - too long and they crumble - not long enough - and
they don't dry out properly ...

I would suggest the silica gel is the best ... I have pressed flowers - but
found they don't keep their colours very well - and they get sort-of
squashed a little ...

Who was in bed by 3.30 ...

Does anyway know of a good way to press flowers so that you can keep them?



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