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From: "Valerie Bower" <>
Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] Anniversary
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 10:26:50 +1000
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Thanks Liz, I remember the storm very well l! Glad you and Peter enjoyed yourselves,
Val xx

Many thanks for the cards and anniversary wishes. We celebrated in quite a
different style but just wish it had been a little bit cooler!!!

We both left work a little early so we had time to come home and get ready
to go out. Lovely casual clothes needed for our evening and we packed our
cameras too. We drove out through Lindfield and the country lane through
Walstead before joining the main road through to Scaynes Hill and onto North
Chailey. We then took a left turn and drove along the road through the
countryside until we found a favourite car park on the left. Here we were
within about a hundred yards of the Meridian Line (I hasten to add that we
were nowhere near Greenwich). We parked our car and walked with the other
people up the drive to olur destination. No rain, nor hailstones, nor
wedding party (Val - get my drift?), nor was there any evidence of wartime
(Sue?). At 6pm we were served our meal of fish and chips with a lovely
chunk of baquette, all washed down with a cup of tea, although we could have
had wine, beer or soft drinks (in fact we did have a Coke) before we left.
We had a lovely view from our table, in fact everybody did. Cows with their
calves, sheep with their lambs, green fields now parched amongst the
beautiful trees of the Sussex countryside. There was a couple next to us
who were celebrating their 1st anniversary, families, two people with
special needs in wheelchairs accompanied by their carers.

In fact our view of the countryside kept changing as we sat back and
listened to the steady "dumpetydump, dumpetydump" as our steam loco hauled
the train from Sheffield Park to Kingscote. There was time to get outside
for some cooler air and their were some beautiful roses in the garden
(Kingscote were quite well know for these). Coming back we leant back in
our seats, replete (in fact too replete!!!), and enjoyed the slower pace.
All too soon (although it was 1hr 30min later) we were back at Sheffield
Park and it was time to get back in the car to come home. We came back a
different route (down past the elephant place where we had coffee last year
Sue) and all along the country lanes, back under the Bluebell railway, and
along more lanes until we arrived back at Walstead and a return journey back
through Lindfield to home.

Although you weren't able to be with us, I do hope you were able to be there
in your imagination.


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