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Subject: [TRIVVIES] From the Daily Express Monday, April 28th, 1941/Opinion
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 17:49:06 +0800

Transcribed by Susan Bergeron.


Daily Express Monday, April 28th, 1941



CHURCHILL repeats his call for our people to keep a sense of proportion.
Britain is fighting grimly for her life. But she faces now no dangers as great as those she survived last year.
Still bigger battles are brewing in the Middle East. But nothing that can happen there has power to harm this country like the raiders in the Atlantic.

Confidence in victory.

We would gladly have heard from the Premier more details of the Balkan fighting and of our withdrawal than he was able to give. For that tale of splendid heroism we must wait.
CHURCHILL draws his confidence of victory from the spirit of our people, the will to victory of the United States, and the towering resources of the democracies.
But resources are not enough this time. We must not only have the tools, but a more-than-Nazi zest in using them.

As Nazis plan it.

Greece has been conquered in three weeks. People said the Nazis would have a difficult time in getting their panzer divisions through the mountains. But the fact is that they got through the mountains just as they planned and with very little trouble. The campaign in Greece has been won at phenomenal speed. The speed was made possible by perfect organisation of details.
This is the kind of attack that HITLER'S men are trained to deliver. The kind of attack they will try to deliver against Britain.
Are the defenders of Britain equipped to face it?

Home Guard.

Mr. ROBERTSON, M.P. for Streatham, puts down a question in the House of Commons to ask the Secretary for War if he will mobilise the Home Guard for two weeks' continuous training in their own districts.
Mr. ROBERTSON'S idea is that all ranks should live at home as usual, and parade at 8 a.m. daily, or earlier, that they should receive rations and suitable pay and allowances. He would exempt from duty men engaged on urgent national work
Now this is a fine idea which will be welcomed by all the great mass of enthusiastic Home Guardsmen anxious to serve their country if the big show starts here.

Nazi invasion.

We might even write "when the big show starts," for it looks as though HITLER will invade us as soon as he is able.
There is an immense revival of interest in the Home Guard. Much pressure is being exerted by newspapers, including the Daily Express, to bring its potential value forcibly to the notice of our rulers.
And this pressure is due to an uneasy feeling that the Home Guard, except in a few districts, is not adequately equipped to deal with German steel.

Brave lives.

It is admitted on all hands that the Regular Army must be served first.
But it is felt that production must be jacked up pretty quickly if the lives of thousands of stout-hearted, brave men are not to be sacrificed in the vain endeavour to withstand blitz warfare on the day it reaches our island.

Stopping tanks.

The Evening Standard military correspondent endorses the Daily Express plea to drop the "nonsense about Molotov cocktails." He says: "The idea that a bottle of blazing petrol will stop a tank travelling at thirty or forty miles an hour is childish. It stopped a few in the Spanish war, when Nazi tanks were light. HITLER scrapped these thanks exactly because they were so vulnerable."
There were no new lessons to be learned from the Balkan campaign. The lessons were all there to be learned from the campaign in France, which started eleven months ago.

More Production.

During those eleven months wonders have been performed in our factories. No doubt about that. But these wonders are still not enough. We need more tanks, more anti-tank weapons, more steel to meet steel.
That is the big task. And we must organise it. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. BUT NOW.


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