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Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] From the Daily Express Saturday, May 31st,1941/More Petrol
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 17:27:51 +0800
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My own thoughts too, Howard. I did a google for 'Methal-X' and for 'Methal-X Petroleum Concentrate' (and 'Methyl-X') and found nothing. If it was so good one would expect to find at least a few references to it. The other factor of course, and the one that immediately struck me was, if the stuff had any real value it would *never* have been available on the open market, it would at the very least have been rationed but more likely reserved for military and emergency vehicle use only.


Scams are nothing new, are they?! Petrol is about as concentrated a
source of energy as it comes. I guess from the name that 'Methal-x'
was methanol, fairly cheaply made from potatoes. But by the time it
was allegedly 'imported from America', there was no way it could be
sold at 5/- for a can equivalent to 25 gallons of petrol - and post
paid too! When you could get it - for petrol was tightly rationed in
wartime - ordinary petrol was about 3/6 per gallon in those days. I
should know; my Dad sold the stuff in bulk. Another scam was a claim
that the oil from orange peel could be added to petrol to make it go
further. Well yes, but think of extracting enough oil to make the
whole thing worthwhile!


Geo. wrote:
> Transcribed by Susan Bergeron.
> Geo. <I think the price should read 5/- per can>
> Daily Express Saturday, May 31st, 1941
> More Petrol For Motorists!
> Methal-x Petroleum Concentrate from America. In cans equivalent
> to 25 gallons of petrol . For mixing with pool petrol equal to 5
> gallons of the best pre-war anti-knock spirit. Fully guaranteed and
> highly acclaimed by leading motor experts. As much as you want
> whilst present stock last at the ridiculously low price of only
> (post paid) 5' per can.
> Importers (Dept. E.3)
> 14, Topping St. Blackpool.
> .....

If not, PLEASE change it."

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