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Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] Calling the 40 plus sitting thinking ...
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 22:22:34 +1100

Ok Marlene. I'm still looking for the origins of my great granpa, Charles Sylvester SMITH. (Yes, groan all you wish but that, as far as I know, was his surname) His marriage & death certs both say born Sydney. He died 1884 in Balmain, NSW at 56yrs so would've been born around 1829ish. There are no Charles SMITH births registered between 1827 & 1832. He was a master mariner but he is not listed on the register of master mariners in NSW, not sure about Vic. His ships Ashburton
& Mindanara are registered. I have a copy of his will. He married Eliza Ann ROBERTSON in 1870 in Sydney & they had 6 sons. He married Mm, can't think, RALF/ROFF in 1855 in Sydney, they had no kids but she died from peurpural infection 1865. Charles & Eliza lived on the Ashburton until their 2nd child was born, she lived at Watsons Bay then Balmain probably near his anchorage. There is a family story about a baby born to convict parents on a convict ship in Sydney Cove but no one knows which generation this baby was from, but definitely a SMITH. I can give more details. Thankyou all. Cheers. Annie. from Cairns, Aus. Warm & dry tonight.

> Marlene Cox <> wrote:
> About Signing in or Not .... There must be something you can bring
> to this List because you wouldn't be there still ... Sp please come
> in and give us what you would like to see on here, GenTrivia is
> allowed a expression of most topics that other topics are not allowed
> on a special listed one .... so it can be Hints or Recipes you want to
> Share or Ask for ; Family History questions or your Brick Walls you
> can't break down Looking for Surnames. If you are in need of a Hug or
> two.
> Favourite Holidays you have had, Just about Anything is Allowed except
> Politics and Religion.
> If you are an old Trivvie from the past ... sorry this List can't go
> back to
> Trivvington as much as some of us would have liked too .... but we can
> still have some light hearted jokes and relate to interesting things as
> seen
> on the internet. So this is just a few things to hopefully get more than
> the
> few so far .... I for one NEEDS some light hearted fun to lift me up
> and
> above the doldrum sadness that overwhelms sometimes and I want
> to creep into a corner, thank goodneess I have a quirky sense of humour
> and have learnt to laugh at myself
> Marlene .... who still can be the Mother Hen when needed .. :-))))
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Cheers. Anne from Cairns, Aus.

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