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Subject: RE: [Scot] Re: Savings on gas/petrol
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 18:38:20 -0700
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The last gas I purchased was $3.03, but Muff I won't complain about the cost
again. I know we are paying much less than you and people in both Europe and
Canada are.
Shirl, Washington State with another gas tax just added to pay for much
needed road and bridge updates.

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Shelly, I'm only doing this to make you feel better about being a
good person and visiting your family who are 300 miles away: You are
paying just under $3.00 per gallon of gas, if the prices are similar to
what I saw while in the US in early June.

In Iceland, I am paying $7+ per gallon, and I think that is comparable
to Scotland and Ireland. How are the prices in Canada, Greece and Oz,

There - see how much cheaper it is where you are? And if I want to go
anywhere outside of this town I have to drive, unless I go by boat -
and I don't have a boat; and the nearest next habitation to this is the
next town, just over the mountain, but that is 30 kilometers or c. 18.5
miles consisting mainly of going up and over and down the other side of
a very large mountain. Then it's to decide where to go after that.
The next town from there is 33 km. away, and so on, with beautiful
empty landscape in between - no buildings, just road and a lotta sheep.

Now, don't you feel better??

Muff (the devil made me do it!!! ;o) )

On 9.7.2006, at 23:58, wrote:

> Oh, gas. . . I hadn't even thought of that. To tell you the truth, I
> am trying to hide my head in the sand when it comes to that. My
> family lives 300 miles from where I am, and to visit them now, I'd
> spend over $150 in gas! It's crazy!
> Shelly
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