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From: Greg <>
Subject: Re: Ballarat Photographer. T Chuck
Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 10:15:39 +1000

Dr Kenneth,

I have two photos by Mr Chuck of Ballarat, who operated as 'Chuck photographer,
The Queen Studio, next Savings Bank'

The information I got from 'The Mechanical Eye' or some similar publication
listing photographers, was - "T.Chuck, 1888-89. Also T.F. Chuck 1874-78."
However, one of the photos I have, which from the fashions dates to about
1884-85, has a date of Feby '85 on the back in pencil. So I suspect Chuck
operated at Ballarat from 1874-1889. You will have to narrow the date by trying
to date the fashions, or by the print number on the back.

Both photos I have are c.d.v., and I would date them in the very late 1870s to
mid 1880s. The number on one is 3000, and on the other 7780. If your number
falls before 3000 it is probably 1870s. If it is before 7780, it is probably
before 1886. But this is just an educated guess. The cartes I have are ornately
printed with the details of the Ballarat studios, and both give his address as
'next Savings Bank' and claim he was a 'Gold Medallist, London.'. That yours is
a Melbourne carte overstamped with Ballarat would suggest that it must be a
much earlier one, perhaps when he first set up in Ballarat, before printing up
cartes for that studio. Though of course there are other explanations, such as
running out of Ballarat cartes and getting some up from Melbourne if both
studios were operating at the same time.

Perhaps this may be a start. Let me know how you get on.


Greg M.

Dr Kenneth W Edmondson wrote:

> Can anyone help me with info on another photographer in Sturt St Ballarat.
> T C Chuck had a studio in the Royal Arcade Melbourne but appears to have
> had another branch started in Sturt St Ballarat in the late (?) 1870s. One
> of the family photos I have has only the Melbourne studio identification on
> the back but another has this overstamped with T Chuck, Photograpic Studio,
> Sturt St, Ballarat. The latter also has a negative or job number.
> Any info on this photographer? the dates he operated in Ballarat, or
> Melbourne, might help me confirm the approximate date of the photo
> Ken

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