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From: "Bev Edmonds" <>
Subject: Old Papers--Snippets
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 10:52:50 +1000

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, November 30, 1895.

Sydney, November 20

The hearing of charges against Thomas Meredith SHERIDAN, and John SEAWALL of
being concerned in the murder of Jessie NICHOLLS was resumed to-day in the
Central Court. The jury returned a verdict of murder against SHERIDAN, and
found SEAWALL guilty of being an accessory after the fact. SHERIDAN was
sentenced to death, and SEAWALL was remanded for sentence.
November 22.
A fatal case of poisoning is reported from Croppa station, near Warialda. On
Tuesday last Mrs. M'NAMARA mixed, as she supposed , a little sulphur and
honey for her children, and she also tasted the mixture herself. All three
were taken seriously ill, and the two children, aged 5 and 7 years
respectively, died shortly afterwards. An investigation disclosed that the
stuff administrated, instead of being sulphur, was Little's sheep dip
November 26
Telegrams from Gunnedah state that the local Police Court was occupied all
day dealing with the case of Ethel WRIGHT, who had confessed to having
trumped up a charge of attempted poisoning against a selector named ROBERTS.
The evidence submitted was similiar to that taken in the Police Court when
ROBERTS was under arrest. Ethel WRIGHT was charged with attempting to
poison Noble GLASS and Susannah SMAILES by placing strychnine in the flour
bin, and she was committed for trial.

Melbourne, November 20
The woman Annis STRAUSS, upon whom it was suspected an illegal operation had
been performed, died in the Women's Hospital this morning. later in the day
Albert U. LEWIS was brought before the City Court on the charge of having
used an instrument for an illegal purpose. and he was remanded for a few
days, bail allowed in the sum of £600. Mrs. STRAUSS was a widow.
The schedule of Robert BYRNE, auctioneer, was filed in the Insolvency Court
to-day. The liabilities are stated at £63,065 and the assets at £246,551,
leaving an estimated surplus of £183, 485. The sequestration is stated to be
due to the impossibility of realising on his estate, and pressure bt small
Adelaide, November 20
A single man named Charles BENHAM, a miner, who had just returned from
Western Australia, to-day, took poison in mistake for some wafers used for
headache, and the dose proved fatal.

EPITOME { Snippets }

A little girl named SPEED died near Yeppoon from eating green peaches.

Two very old residents of Toowoomba, Mrs. William ANNAN and Mrs. James
GALTON, died on Saturday, both being in their eighty-sixth year.

Certificates of discharge were granted on Wednesday to W.A. BLANDFORD, of
Rockhampton, plumber and gasfitter, E.T. WILKINS, of Bald Hills, farm
labourer, and E.C. CLARKE, of Brisbane, master mariner, insolvents.

A miner named STAPLETON had his hand blown off, and was otherwise injured by
the explosion of a charge in the Jubilee Consols mene , near Croydon.

A child named BROWN died at Cunnamulla from the effects of drinking a
quarter pint of gin, which had been incautiously left within his reach.

A girl named Emily HAY tried to commit suicide at Gympie by dissolving a
quantity of matches in a glass of water and drinking the mixture. She is now
in the hospital in a critical condition.

William GRAHAM, a labourer, who appears to have lain down on the randwick
tramline, near Sydney, was run over by a motor and killed.

John SEAWALL has been sentenced in Sydney to seven years' penal servitude
for being accessory to the death of Jessie NICHOLLS, for which Thomas
Meredith SHERIDAN has been sentenced to death.


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