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From: Patricia Jungwirth <>
Subject: Re: IRE>VIC>NZ Joshua CLARE
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 20:34:39 +1100


I'm not researching this family but I did find these births on the Vic
indexes - no marriage of Joshua and Emily - so maybe they arrived Australia
already married - and maybe they had a child or 2 before they arrived??

anyhow - here's some births - I imagine these are your ancestors??:

to a Joshua CLARE and an Emily JENNINGS

EMILY FRANCES born WILLIAMSTOWN in 1854 index:4188
LOUISA AGNES JAN born WILLIAMSTOWN in 1854 index:542
JOSAHUA GEO born WILLIAMSTOWN in 1855 index:10335
ELEANOR ELIZTH born WILLIAMSTOWN in 1859 index:1675
FANNY WILLIAMINA born WILLIAMSTOWN in 1860 index:13070
ERNEST EDWARD PH born WILLIAMSTOWN in 1862 index:18198

and I quickly checked the marriage indexes - perhaps I missed something -

but it looks as though only

Joshua jnr got married in a "normal" time??

Joshua George Clare born Williamstown married Edith Mary Perry in 1882

if the family went to NZ - then I expect it wasn't long after 1882 - since
there doesn't seem to be any births to Josh jnr -

maybe his siblings went ahead of him??

perhaps you could get Josh jnrs. marriage cert - the witnesses may be useful??

good luck



there's a lovely song - entitled either?? - Clare or It's a long way from
Clare to here - my copy is by Nanci Griffiths - US singer.

At 08:32 AM 14/02/02 +0000, you wrote:
>I would appreciate hearing from anyone researching the CLARE family.
>A search thru Google has some reference to Joshua and his wife Emily, but I
>can't make a connection with the person who has put the information online.
>Margaret G
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