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From: "Helen Castle" <>
Subject: Re: Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 SHELL HARBOUR
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 11:50:24 GMT
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My home town - means we are about 3/4's finished!!!!


"Kathy Pearson" <> wrote in message
> Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 - SHELL HARBOUR
> Page 457
> Distance 84 miles South of Sydney
> Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 pm.
> Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8.30 am.
> Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday 2.30 pm.
> Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.15 am.
> Route - Steam Kiama, 8m. Shell Harbour; or rail Campbelltown, via Albion
> 5m. Shell Harbour.
> AITKEN George storekeeper Mary St.
> AKERS Henry farmer Peterborough
> ALDCORN William farmer Clear Hills
> ALLEN Walter storekeeper Addison St.
> ATCHESON Samuel farmer Peterborough
> BAXTER James blacksmith Addison St.
> BAXTER William butcher Addison St.
> BAXTER W. sen. master mariner Addison St.
> BLACKWOOD James farmer Lachlan Hill
> BLANEY Margaret farmer Shell Harbour
> BONSER George farmer Indigo Range
> BRITTON Edward farmer Lachlan Hill
> BRODIE Andrew farmer Lake Estate
> BUCKLEY John farmer Shell Harbour
> BUCKLEY Miss farmer Shell Harbour
> BURSILL Mrs. farmer Shell Harbour
> BYRON Edward labourer Shell Harbour
> CARROLL Matthew farmer Lake Estate
> CLAXTON Thomas mariner Addison St.
> COCKERELL Christopher farmer Long Point
> COCKERELL William farmer Long Point
> COLLINS Mrs. farmer Clear Hills
> COLVILLE Robert farmer Stoney Range
> CONDON James innkeeper Addison St.
> CONDON John farmer Indigo Range
> CONWAY John farmer Long Point
> COSGROVE Ann farmer Lake Estate
> COUCH Edward farmer Minnamurra
> COUCH George farmer Minnamurra
> COUCH James farmer Shell Harbour
> COUGHRANE Andrew jun. farmer Shell Harbour
> COUGHRANE Andrew sen. farmer Shell Harbour
> COUGHRANE David farmer Indigo Range
> COUGHRANE Thomas farmer Shipman's Hill
> CRAWFORD William teacher Peterborough
> CREAGAN Patrick farmer Minnamurra
> DEANE John H. butcher Addison St.
> DUNLOP --- constable Mary St.
> DUNSTER Joseph farmer Green Hills
> DUNSTER Walter farmer Stoney Range
> DURRILL Joseph farmer Stoney Range
> FENWICK Thomas farmer Stoney Range
> FITZGERALD Gerald farmer Minnamurra
> FITZGERALD James farmer Minnamurra
> FLEMING Mrs. farmer Lake Estate
> FOLEY Denis farmer Minnamurra
> FOLEY Patrick farmer Minnamurra
> FOSTER William farmer Lake Estate
> FRYER George farmer Turragong swamp
> FRYER William jun. farmer Stoney Range
> GOW Duncan farmer Fox Gully
> GRANGER Edward farmer Minnamurra
> GRANGER Mrs. resident Mary St.
> GREY George butcher Addison St.
> GREY Thomas farmer Shell Harbour
> HADDIN John farmer Minnamurra
> HALL Richard teacher Mary St.
> HAZLETON Charles labourer Addison St.
> HERRON James mariner Addison St.
> HICKS Henry farmer Shell Harbour
> HOY John labourer Addison St.
> HURST James saddler Addison St.
> INSKIP Charles butcher Peterborough
> JAMES William farmer Peterborough
> JAMISON Edward farmer Clear Hills
> JONES Evan builder Wollongong St.
> KEELAHER Denis farmer Peterborough
> KEELAHER Wm. farmer Terragong Swamp
> KEEVERS --- labourer Minnamurra
> KELLY John farmer Black Butt
> KELLY John farmer Oak Flats
> KINNEALLY William blacksmith Addison St.
> LARKINS John farmer Peterborough
> LEARY William farmer Long Point
> LINDSAY Andrew farmer Shell Harbour
> LINDSAY David farmer Green Hills
> LINDSAY James farmer Lake Estate
> MALONE Bartholomew farmer Green Hills
> MARTIN Aaron farmer Lake Estate
> MARTIN Irvin farmer Minnamurra
> MARTIN James farmer Minnamurra
> MARTIN Robert innkeeper Addison St.
> MAY William bootmaker Addison St.
> MISAN Reuben boatman Minnamurra
> MORAN William cooper Addison St.
> MURPHY Martin farmer Clear Hills
> MCCARTHY John farmer Lake Estate
> MCCOY James blacksmith Addison St.
> MCENCROE Mrs. farmer Stoney Ck.
> MCNAB --- farmer Minnamurra
> NINNIS John tinsmith Addison St.
> O'DWYER Thomas farmer Fox Gully
> O'NEAL John farmer Lake Estate
> PREEO John farmer Stoney Ck.
> PRIOR James farmer Shell Harbour
> RANKIN George farmer Shell Harbour
> READ William farmer Shell Harbour
> REDDALL Thomas --- Lake House
> ROBINSON James bootmaker Addison St.
> ROGAN Mrs. teacher Sophia St.
> RUTHY William farmer Oak Flats
> RYAN John farmer Lake Estate
> SCULPHER William carpenter Shell Harbour
> SEYMOUR John jun. farmer Shell Harbour
> SEYMOUR John sen. farmer Minnamurra
> SHARP James farmer Indigo Range
> SMITH Alfred farmer Shell Harbour
> SMITH Henry farmer Green Hills
> SOMERVILLE Gilbert farmer Broad Water
> THOMAS John butcher Addison St.
> WALSH John farmer Stoney Ck.
> WENHAM George farmer Long Point
> WHILY James farmer Lake Estate
> WILSON Robert miller Wollongong St.
> WILSON Wm. master mariner Addison St.
> WINKLE Martin wheelwright Addison St.
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