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From: "john" <>
Subject: Re: ***19th century trousers - can you help with button identification?***
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 12:12:14 GMT
References: <>

There are several references I found.

A 4 holed button stamped "BEST.RING.EDGE" was probably used to secure an
overall, dungarees or braces and was made in the early 20th century.

BEST RING EDGE around the button's circumference. Buttons such as these were
commonly used as suspender buttons.
Buttons of this type were available in several sizes and, in 1905 or

Diameter 14 mm; thickness 3 mmCircular button with a broad, flat rim and
aconcave, recessed central area with four circularholes. The rim bears the
legend 'BEST.RING.EDGE' and is painted black.


> I work in a museum and we recently came across a button on a pair of
> corduroy trousers that date to the 19th century. Under the microscope
> we have noticed the button says:
> Best/Ring/Edge
> Ring/Edge/Best
> Edge/Best/Ring
> which ever way you chose to read it around the circle. Each word has
> a dot in between.
> Does the above mean anything to anyone? Drop me an email if you can
> help!
> Many thanks
> Kim in Tasmania

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