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From: "William T. Flight" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] GenBox Feedback (GEDCOM import of Norwegian data)
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 20:30:54 -0500
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> I am born in Oslo, but suddenly in Gedbox I am
> suddenly born in a church in Oslo, that has no connection
> with me.

Hi Anne,

Genbox tries to assign place parts to various levels on input. I haven't
heard of it adding place levels, though. What is the full place name that
was in the GEDCOM file, and what is the full place name that Genbox shows?

> Just occured to me Gedbox is having problems with our 3
>Norwegian letters. Seems every letter after one of those 3
> becomes Capital, but it still doesn't explain why it makes
> two words into one.

This sounds like a problem with the capitalization routine. You can prevent
this from happening:
1) On the View menu, select "Preferences".
2) On the "Names" tab, clear the "Convert to initial caps" options for both
individual names and places.
3) Click the "Close" button.
4) Try your GEDCOM import again, into a new database.

-- Bill

William T. Flight
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