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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Source/Citation
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 17:55:13 -0800
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Kathy - If you want the ability to create a "free form," then you would
clear the variables out of the Formatting section of the Source Template.
When you make a new source based on that selected Template, it will have no
variables in it to be used to populate the output forms (footnotes,
endnotes, bib). So you when you create a source based on an "empty"
template, you will need to type in the data directly into the Formatting
section and skip most of the stuff on the Source (definition) page. OR you
can type variables back into the Formatting section and then add the data on
the first screen of the newly created Source. You may have cleared out the
variables because you had indicated that you wanted to create a "free form"
source and I told you that you need to remove the variables if that was what
you want to do.

I hope this makes some sense. If you were sitting beside me I could show
you this in about 3 minutes, but it is rather hard to explain. If you want
the variables to *always be in the Formatting section every time you base a
source on a given template* then you will need to open up the Source
Template and place the appropriate variables there. Then when you create a
new source, you just populate the appropriate fields with the data.

If your templates are empty, you will get no source output because there is
nothing to put there. If you open up the sample dataset you can take a look
at the Source Templates there as the defaults are shipped.

If you can give me some of the data that you are trying to get into a source
and what type of source you want it to be (book, document, whatever), I am
sure that I or someone else can give you the information that you can cut &
paste into your Source Template Formatting section and give you some
guidance as to which bit of information goes into which field when you
actually cite to that source.


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From: Kathy Hinckley [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2003 5:08 PM
Subject: [GENBOX] Source/Citation

Cheri said:

>> Kathy - I would suggest that you send this along to Bill and see what
comments are. Try this: go to those events and click on the S to open
the citation window. Make sure that you have any appropriate variables
filled in. Then click on the name of the source under the Sources Cited
tab. Go to the Formatting. Do the Primary Citation, Secondary
and Bibliography have any variables and/or hard text in them? I thought
that perhaps you had "emptied" the variables field so you could create a
free form citation and just forgot to put in the data that you needed
the citation. CheriC >>

Cheri.. When I go to Formatting, the Primary, Secondary and Bibliography
are all empty. I tried cutting/pasting the source to drop into those
fields, but that won't work either. Are you telling me that every time I
create a source, I need to put the text into these fields too? That
sounds like duplicate work. I'm very confused. I'm sorry for sounding so

I have a total of THREE sources in GB for this client. The first two
were created in Generations and I GEDCOMed the database into GB and they
show up on the reports. But the third source that I added will not
appear anywhere.

And please do not worry about offending me just because I have
credentials after my name. I'm GB illiteraite! Kathy

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