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From: "Kathy Hinckley" <>
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Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 12:49:27 -0700
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Debbie... I did the things you suggested and I still cannot get my name
to appear on the FGS. Does it appear on any other reports?


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On Friday, 07-03-2003 at 09:33 AM -0700, Kathy Hinckley said:
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>How do you get the default researcher's name/address etc to appear in
>the reports? I've filled out the researcher form and tried both
>"preferred" and "historical" and it makes no difference. The area is
>still blank in the FGS.
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In View > Researchers, General Tab make sure to check off "Default
On the Contact tab, make sure to check off "Preferred".

That's what I did to make my address show up on my reports.
-- Debbie Schnell Woolard

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