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From: "Genealogy Printers" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Text Box
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 14:41:45 -0000
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Hi Bill.

Thanks for the quick reply.
> I'm not seeing the problem with adding empty box frames, or with saving
> reloading charts with added boxes and text.
> There must be something different about your setup. I've tested these
> operations under Windows 98 and XP.
> What version of Windows are you using?


> What options on the text tool dialog have you changed?

None what so ever.

> How large is the chart you are working with?

It's only a baby one, less than 24 inches square.

> Do you see the same problems with a chart with only two or three boxes on
> it?

Haven't tried that yet but will do

> I don't follow your reasoning in trying to add text "one line at a time".

Because we were unable to create the text box we tried to add text thinking
that when using the text tool you could only add one line at a time, when
the end of that line was reached (given the space on the chart) we started
another line of text underneath the first one. We've just tried it again and
it appears that you just carry on typing and it wraps automatically, we
didn't realise that.

> Entered text should wrap automatically after a short distance; you can
> press ENTER when you want to force it to wrap, plus you can adjust the
> width by dragging the handles after you have added the text. Are you
> problems with these approaches?

Got it.

> I may need a copy of the chart options file you are using, and maybe a
> backup of the database plus the key individual(s), chart type, and a list
> steps you were taking to add text and boxes.

The problem with creating the picture box is still valid and we can't do

Kind regards,
Ron O'Neill

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