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From: "William T. Flight" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Undo deletions; design ideas
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 13:25:16 -0400
In-Reply-To: <00d701c42882$d2df8520$6401a8c0@micronxp>

Hi Tom,

I agree, having "Undo" capability for delete operations would be a good
feature. The reason it is not currently implemented is that once records
have been deleted in the database, there is no simple way to restore them.

On possible implementation would be through the use of a 2-level deletion
process, similar to how email is handled: deleting a main record would only
mark the record and its subrecords as "deleted". The data records would
remain, but with a special "deleted" flag set; all data access routines
would need to be modified to skip over records with this flag as if they
weren't there. On the Lists View, there would be a new group for "Deleted
Records". The user could then "restore" a deleted main record, or choose to
"permanently" delete it, in which case the actual deletion of the records
would take place.

The drawbacks to this design would include the additional processing
overhead to check the flag, and the extra steps required of the user to
permanently delete the main records that have been marked for deletion.
Also, it would be impractical to provide this functionality for the deletion
by the user of individual subrecords, such as identifier and event records.


William T. Flight

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> Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 12:00 PM
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> Subject: [GENBOX] Undo deletions
> A more comprehensive solution might be to simply add
> deletions to the list
> of operations covered by Undo.
> The whole point of Undo is to allow recovery from mistakes so it seems
> backwards to exclude the most destructive actions.
> Tom

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